the porcupine and the balloon

A porcupine was at the zoo. On a field trip with his school to see the amine win he was at the gift shop he see a balloon noes can see the pink balloon that no one can see. The porcupine said

“That they can not see jut me y?”

The balloon left so make the porcupine didn’t nose is funning the balloon said “the people that can see make that have power that can see me your prater have power”

The porcupine said, “I don’t know my prater at all”. The balloon said

“That is y you can see me”.

The porcupine said “I don’t noes my prater all”.

“So you don’t noes about your prater at all”. “I noes your prater that we work in tell you were born and they work a few week at there your born they were not noes about that night they die save people out of a car fire I was there”.

“I thing I have see you on a photo on my aunt homes” said the porcupine.

“I noes that” said the balloon

“I jut won to make short that no bad noes about you if they noes they will kill you a lot you don’t tell people that you noes me you will be save,” said the balloon

“So I will not tell people about you” said the porcupine.

So the porcupine didn’t tell people and the balloon did wash the porcupine in tell his power coming in then he trend he to be a good hero.

The balloon said “I have to go back home you can be the hero you can be I have to meet you with there hero” said balloon

“I will miss you a lot,” said the porcupine

I noes your mom and dad will be happy that you are be a good hero” said the balloon.





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