once upon time

Once upon a time… There was a girl and a dog that live to get there in a little home they old have homes and the girl and the dog that was there family that they have. No one new the girl and dog were live all bind they self. The people then that her mom works a lot. People went to the girl and dog to invite them to play but the dog was to tired and lazy to go, and the girl don’t want to play without her dog. So the girl decide to please her dog so they can both play. The girl did everything she can do to force her dog until she finally convinced him with her love and attention that there’s no time for laziness in life being a dog or human she kept talking and talking to him until she got tired of explaining to him and went to play. She made her way outside to play with the other children. She swung on the swings and let out such laughter and joy. She felt so much joy enjoying this thing they call fun. Her dog just stared threw the window and wondered what that sound was. Then out of the blue a huge gigantic bus came along not just a normal bus a huge and gigantic one. And out came a big man who reeked like a homeless guy but he was in a suit and his hair looked nice and he had a parrot and he said

“ Come here, you are going to save the world”

Well the dog had no choice but to go so he did and he didn’t even say goodbye to the little girl he was just so excited to go and just left with the guy in the suit and got on the gigantic purple school bus. When they got on the bus it looked like a club and there were strippers in it one of their names were “the world”. The dog was confused, he thought how am I suppose to save a stripper name “the world”, he looked at the man in the suit in confusion and asked him what is he suppose to do. The man just smiled and said figure it out dog, the dog just sat there looking like he didn’t noes y is the girl was doing so the dog left and the girl never see the dog a again so the girl got a new dog that leasing to her so live happy and she live happily ever after.


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