Where was a princess gorilla that was not any to say than you or your will coming not a lot of good thing? So her mom and dad the king and queen said you will be lend how to  

Like people in the kingdom you noes to be a good princess you are good to be there queen and you make be a good queen. But dad you can do this to me I’m your only kid; I have to be a good queen so make of a love bind the people that is y we are do this and my fide you will work in the Moring. The princess we mad at her father that she didn’t talk to him for diner at all. In the Moring she have to talk to someone about this to stop it but no one will lisp to heart all. So the princess gorilla has to lend to broom. That first she was bad need she got a hand of it. They her mom was yell that her father y was her yell need some one said that they have is fighting for a moth. That was spring to her mother and farther didn’t noes about her family she was not noes about her brother was kill win her was help people give to save to her be for some bad people were going to kill she also she was a baby win he was kill maybe that is y they won her to be a good queen that didn’t won me to be kill like my brother that save me. That is y they need yell in found of her. I have work so make that day. I got rather for dinner I said not thing she jut eat. So how was the cling? It was good. I jut didn’t said I here you yell. So I jut said not thing all their dinner. I jut eat dinner. In the Moring you are going to work more ok. I jut as my gatemen about my brother he was a good man. He makes shore that you going to be love bind people he gives you that ring you like so make. New you were born he was so happy to see you he may all this free time to be with you play and nose for good and bad thing. I didn’t noes your jut a baby win he die. So how coming no talk about him? Your mother and father make shore that no talk about him in forum of you. So that is y I like to noes y did they do that to him? Your fathers need to help his brother with his kingdom for his land there was not a lot of food for the people. Your father said yes but he didn’t noes that he won to kill you. So you cannot have to be the new queen of that kingdom because he have no kid that is y he did it. He didn’t get you because your bother see he was go to kill you and stop it and he was kill in send of you. I noes that is y my dad is over pretend of me. I didn’t noes that my dad have a brother. Your father was mad at him so he was killing. That is y you don’t noes about this in tell new will you tell on me? No I will not because you have be nits to me all the time ever win I was not nits to you. Than you princess your are nits. So the princess work for 2-week need her father said you don’t have to work no more. The princess was happy than she was a good princess. The people love the new princess. Her mother and the father were happy to. Then she tells her family that she noes about her brother they were not mad they noes some day you will find out. They said that he was live he was in the kingdom of were her father brother kingdom will you like to see we didn’t tell the


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