The team get us to choose the one that we won to work with. There we can see them and writer ending that we won to writer about. But it have to be about the topic that we Joes. I Joes the character win I choose the one that the team give me. I make love how it was like at home with my family win I thing of the character. The character are who I feel like my family win I love to live like that for my family if we didn’t have so make go on. That is yet to noes of the love of the family all the time. There is win I noes the character are going to be about. The piece that I love how it was and it was very good to have a said that all I won for this story. The story make some I Reese do then I very make. That I read it more then one to do all of end in tell I have to make it and love very make. The character have to noes if they were happy or not in the story. The story were doing all that I like about it so said it was finished. Win I just got all my story that I like we can do so make I said that is all I like for the story for it. There was a lot of them story that we have to love or not to love of your story that you love so make. There is so make of thing to do a lot of love the story or not story noes if you like it or not you noes that story to do so make. The writing is meaningful that I writing that I have lot how I writing. The story that I writing that show that we can do a lot of them to make that we like. The writing is good I like to writing. Yes you are the writing is make me thing of the top for them. The top is the one that we can do so make that we thing about it we cannot noes more thing about them doing the best noes more about your top. The top help you noes the writer the best. The writing is the best noes that it all you and it not so one else but you. The writing the noes who is were it meet to you. The writing is the right thing to talk about. The questions I have is… yet do we have to do a cover sheet? Y do we have to do writing about story? There is writing a lot? The piece that I don’t mind. The people can do like there old mind on them. That we can do we like to do. The piece is no one the ending one to do.                                                                                  


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