Once upon a time they was a dog that have a cat as a friends that they like to play with them every day. But one day the dog family was going to anew homes so cat was sad that her friends have to leave they homes so the cat was sad she have no noes to ply with so her family so move to a new homes. She gets to see her friends, but as long as she has her owners that are all she cares about. Because they love her, feed her, and play with her. The cat loves her owner, and always will. But she still misses her and friend wants to see them at least once. Then the cat found a website where it can contact her friends over the videophone. The cat then created a profile on this website she found, it was called Facebook. The cat found her friend the dog, she told him how she missed him so much, and the dog said how they should meet up. So one night the cat snuck out of her house, as did the dog. They met and they were talking about how much they miss each other.


       The cat had a big crush on the dog. The dog was in shock. He already had a girlfriend. The dog, Jimmy jones had no way of telling Kitty Cat Kittens he had a girlfriend. Then suddenly Jimmy Jones’s girlfriend came firing with a helicopter filled with water and let the water splat on Kitty Cat Kittens. Sandy the llama (Jimmy jones girlfriend) went running to jimmy and slapped him with her tongue. She was furious.


       Jimmy Jones was sad he had lost his girl friend because of kitty cat kittens but he new he had to get revenge. So he decided to make a new profile on Facebook using different information and a different profile picture and decided to friend request kitty cat kittens. They started talking and jimmy jones made kitty cat kittens believe that he liked her but every time she asked him to meet up he always came up with an excuse because jimmy the dog couldn’t let her know it was him all the time.


       So kitty Cat Kittens got mad and wanted to know who this guy was so she called the show Catfish on MTV so that she could find out if who she is talking to is the real person. The next day Ned and Max came to kitty cat Kittens house and they talked about her online relationship. Ned and Max said that it sounded a little fishy and they wanted to investigate more. They looked up his information on the internet and found out that the guy kitty cat kittens was talking to was in fact not the dog she was actually talking to. Kitty Kittens was so depressed that she ended up dying of a broken heart. But her spirit came back. And she was a ghost now. Her friends the dog was sad win she dies. So the dog they kids so her name it after her. He tall his store they noes about friends ship so the dog and his family live happily ever after.



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